Wife, Mother, Teacher, Writer soon to be Author

I am a teacher, writer and soon to be author! But first and foremost I am a wife and a mother.

I find it interesting that the first three I am’s… seem to hold the most weight in society as to who I am and how important I am, but to me its being a great mother and wife that really defines the person I am.

Being a teacher is important to those I teach, being a writer and telling a story is somewhat important and being an author is probably only important to me. But being a great wife and mum, Well! that is the most important gig or credentials I could ever hold! Now if you ask my kids am I a great mum, then I am not sure what response you will get, I guess it just depends on the day.

However what I have recently discovered is that being a teacher and a writer makes me an even greater mum, some days tipping on awesome mum! See I am now following my passion, my dream: I am excited, I am happy and I am getting my groove on and this makes me a better person.

I have also discovered through my writing what I need to share with the world and what I can teach others, so stay on this crazy ride with me as I unveil the journey ahead!

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Published by rebeccalee

I am a teacher, writer, speaker and blogger

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