Milestone complete!

Life has been extremely busy over the past few weeks, hence my lack of blogging! My time has been spent frolicking at the beach, well not really more chauffeuring and spectating while our two youngest boys competed in surfing competitions. From one five day competition to another and another three day competition this weekend.  I […]

Returning to the past!

We ventured over to a place where life changed forever. A town with memories we wish could be left behind, but know they cannot and should not. The journey over felt eerie, weird! Our first stop was the Library archive, to gather photos, information, anything that would assist us in obtaining a better understanding about […]

A moment to commend my mother on this mothers day!

With the desire to write the story of my sisters abduction, I knew the first hurdle would be if my family wanted, or even could revisit that day 48years ago. I made the phone call informing mum, that I believe this story is an extraordinary one that needs to be shared. To my mum’s credit […]

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