Breaking the stereotype

There were two defining moments when I knew the story of my sisters abduction needed to be told. Today I will share one:

I knew the time had come that our two youngest children, should hear in more detail about my sisters abduction. For no other reason than they needed to the know the reality that there are some people in this world capable of doing horrible things! Our children have always been surrounded with caring, compassionate people, our friends and family who we allowed to be a part of our children’s world. That is the world they knew, they knew no other!

As a teacher of over 25 years I knew how and when a child would be ready to hear the harsh, but very uncommon reality that there are people who can harm children. Not to scare our children, or for them to see the world as a dark, scary place, but to empower them!

What absolutely blows me away was my children’s stereotypical image of what a person who is unsafe may be. In their words they both clearly and in detail informed me of what this person would be like. Wow! had I installed this image in their mind? was it the media, the images they saw on tv, what their school had told them. I was shocked! See the person who abducted my sister was not the stereotypical person that my children thought was capable of harming a child. So after hearing my sisters story, this image shifted for them, I was able to empower them with the knowledge of not looking at a persons age, gender or appearance, but to be aware of a persons mannerisms and behaviours and to listen to the feeling that their body may be telling them about a person.

So I needed to tell my sisters story and from this writing journey, I have now found my passion, to not only write but to teach parents how to empower their children to be safe. To re-think using the term stranger danger, to break the stereotype image children may have and to teach simple strategies that as a family we have used over the years.

Stay with me on this journey as I lead, teach and share on this blog the progress of my book.

I am starting an email list for those to be the first to know: inside information on its development, sneak peaks of details of this story, details of my book launch, special giveaways and the valuable information I have learnt during my writing journey. In addition information of my new found passion to teach parents to empower their children to stay safe. If you want to join this email list and be the first to know, please email me your details in the contact section above and I will include you on my list.

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