With the desire to write the story of my sisters abduction, I knew the first hurdle would be if my family wanted, or even could revisit that day 48years ago.

I made the phone call informing mum, that I believe this story is an extraordinary one that needs to be shared. To my mum’s credit there was no objection or hesitation, actually the opposite happened, she offered encouragement to pursue this. See, we had talked about this day, over the years and even pulled out the old newspaper clippings from time to time, but this was different. Writing this story meant revisiting, Thursday 3rd of June 1971 in great detail.

It was like opening an old wooden chest that is tucked away in the back corner of the attic, where it belongs. Sealed with a lock where memories like that deserve to be kept, but not lost or forgotten.

Sitting with my mum, pen in hand, I was confronted by the horrific details of that day. I couldn’t help admire, sympathise and cry, picturing what she must have been going through during those hours. I can see her running, screaming, pleading, panicked driven searching for her little girl. How helpless and alone she must have felt. I know it was heartbreaking for my father not to be searching by her side, looking for his baby girl, but the circumstances of that day did not allow this.

I am proud of both my parents for their strength, determination and will to put this incident behind them where it belongs: in the past!

Happy mothers day mum you are my super hero!

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I am a teacher, writer, speaker and blogger

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